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Party Catering


Party events and catering in Darwin is Happy Hearts Catering professional forte. Whether you are creating a themed party event such as costume-inspired parties, or special events and functions, or private and corporate party events, Happy Hearts Catering and its party catering services excitingly strive and contend to meet and complete all your party essentials and requirements of party catering in Darwin.

We have a wide range of party catering services, from party food and beverage catering, to party items hire which has a complete line of party equipments and accessories, to party venue set-ups and decorations and to the other allied party catering services and assistance to make your party events and catering in Darwin most successful and memorable. But most of all, to entertain you and all your guests and leave them with lasting memories of the event and wondering when will your next party catering in Darwin be.

Our party catering services will help you manage hand in hand to set the mood of your event. Whether it is a formal and elegant affair or a laid back and casual gathering, we will be listening and understanding what you dream and seek for a splendid party, make the necessary suggestions to compliment such party moods, discuss with you our delectable menu options and all the other pertaining party catering services that we offer, or just take care with the rest of the details and rely upon our trusted expertise, experiences and professionalism in party catering services.

Besides the mood of the party, what truly makes a party event and catering in Darwin most successful and memorable is the presentation and quality of food. Our party catering services provide a wide variety of menu options that are all produced from only the freshest sources, ingredients and healthy food elements to deliver an excellent and sumptuous tastes that makes the great difference from all other party events and catering in Darwin.