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BBQ And Spit Roast Catering


At Happy Hearts Catering, bbq catering in Darwin and spit roast catering in Darwin is a challenge that will bring you back to the memories, taste, fun and excitement of the great Aussie BBQ Outback experience where everyone seems like a chef and a connoisseur to his or her own BBQ and spit roast taste concoctions. While we have mastered and understood the challenge, we offer a delectable range of bbq meats, salads and accompaniment options that will definitely suit your party event requirements and leave your guest fully satisfied, if not, craving for more.

Our bbq catering in Darwin focuses inspirations from the traditional Aussie bbq theme, to the more adventurous Territory-themed bbq that will certainly impress both your interstate and overseas special guests. Your guests will be able to sample and partake an array of full-flavoured, juicy and tender bush meats or premium game meats from the Outback that has been infused and blended with modern spices to leave a lingering after taste which only our bbq catering in Darwin distinctively and excellently provides.

On the other hand, our spit roast catering in Darwin has the whole pig or lamb spit roasts specialties. They are basted in our house concocted sauces and cooked to perfection at your own venue. This has been a high demand for requests in our spit roast catering in Darwin. Besides, this has shown as a great catalyst to motivate your gusts breaking the ice and interacting with each other. Seeing a whole carcass butchered and cooked in front of you and delightfully enjoy the succulent meat is a one of a kind experience that can never be forgotten.

Both bbq catering in Darwin and spit roast catering in Darwin will be provided with the necessary items that go with them, such as plates, forks and knives, platters, bbq buffet tables with linens, napkins, condiment carts and serving utensils. Experience Happy Hearts Catering bbq catering in Darwin and spit roast catering in Darwin with its fall-off-the-bone bbq menu and most tender, finger licking goodness coming from the heavenly Outback and delivered to your special, private or corporate party events!